Accelerating digital adoption in Denmark
supporting sustainable independent fashion labels

Digital Denmark


Digital Denmark is a digital incubation programme for Danish independent designers and SMEs with a sustainable focus, initiated by the DFF team in the spring of 2020. Selected labels have been invited to the opportunity to get a number of their current styles digitized with custom avatars, in order to showcase it on a digital platform / or create a digital experience for the brand. The action plan promotes SMEs holding sustainable values at their core, and helps in the adoption of digital tools into the Danish Fashion Industry.

The founder of DFF, Lili Eva Bartha, has strong ties to the innovative Danish fashion scenario, and found it a perfect opportunity to help their improvement while strengthening the connection between the British and Scandinavian initiatives in fashion innovation.

The solution does not only act as an alternative due to cancelations on physical showcase options because of the global pandemic, but provides an opportunity to be the first hybrid digital ‘fashion event’ platform in Denmark. While using pioneer digital tools to recreate styles digitally, a digital showcase space will be engineered as well, where styles can be viewed via 360 digital spaces through screens, Augmented and Virtual Reality.

Our team and all the amazing 3D professionals working on the project offered to complete the project pro bono, purely motivated by how innovative and inspiring our SMEs are.

Production team members:
Creative Direction: Lili Eva Bartha
Event Marketing: Anne Vyskocil
3D garments: Mar Guixà (@marguixa3d), Fanni Vonnák (@vonnakfanni), Lili Eva Bartha
3D environment development: Martyna Brechelke (@mbrechelke), Lili Eva Bartha, Teresa Fogolari (@teresafogolari), Lucia Castellanos (@llucy_lay)
3D accessories: Ling Zhang (@aio0o0o0)
3D production: Lili Eva Bartha, Teresa Fogolari, Lucia Castellanos, Zinab Rama (@wxyz.visuals)